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Circular life - my personal process

I alluded to it earlier that I'd share my process on going circular in my life, that I started doing some years ago and I'm still on the journey and will remain so while I live.

I remember clever people telling me as a kid that it takes 30 days to change our habits. It is true and it is where it starts, with the mindset.

If we can invest in learning a language, a new business skill or sport, we can invest in learning how to design our lives differently to become circular.

However, finding the solutions is the real journey taking time, so cannot start early enough.

Finally I had time to finish documenting the process and hopefully it can be useful for others as well, so here we go!

The below documents are available for free on our website under articles (

  1. Main document: Circular Life - personal supply chain support

  2. Process itself depicted (if it helps)

  3. Clarification to the process steps: Decision path guidelines

A few things to know about these resources:

  1. it is not a "best in class" method from any other qualified source, but my journey and nowhere near perfect or best in class, but much more than doing nothing....although I utilised my supply chain / QA and project management background that helped me greatly on the journey (e.g. finding information about sources and qualifying them)

  2. it is a result of years of work done and continued work as our job in the circular economy field is never done (at least I wasn't born into a circular economy, so my living practices can only evolve till I'm here)

  3. can be that others are doing this way better than I ever would, but as I could not find any really useful documentation that is working on the personal angle and not the company or GO/NGO angle, I thought it can be good to document - let me know, if you know a better support material set, I'm happy to learn!

  4. the document is not coming from a publishing house, so it is simple and as fancy as it gets for my taste and yes, it is heavy in content

Even more important, I'd like to share a few personal notes here from my years of change:

  • Do I get it right the first time, all the time? - No. Baby steps and lot of reading in my spare time are can get frustrating from time to time, but I haven't given up!

  • Did I fail to find circular products in some cases? - Yes....many-many times and it still happens, but I make the effort.

  • Did I get allergies from some of the products tried? - Yes. Found alternatives. Can share funny stories, if anyone interested. :)

  • Did I fail to see which alternative would be circular and chose an option that is nowhere near circular? - Yes. Am I ashamed? - Yes, but I also try to forgive myself, if it happens once in a blue moon....but seriously check my actions if it happens twice.

  • Do I fail in learning to create things (e.g. cooking/baking/fermenting/gardening etc.)? - Yes, and I learn each time and get better the next time around (my Sonntagszopf is still special :)

  • Do I think I know it all? - No and I won't. I might know more than others depending on the circumstances and vice versa.

  • Do all have to agree to all of my points in the document? - No. All I'm asking for is all to embark on their own journey and do our best to learn, collaborate and share.

So, with all that said, I hope some will enjoy and find the documents useful for their own lives!

One can always find local circular @home challenges around the Globe, so take part in a few. It is fun and helps you accelerate on the right path.

Good day Everyone!

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