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Let's start the week with a strong topic for supply chain leaders!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Let's start the week with a strong topic for supply chain leaders!

The discussions came up in the last 2-3 weeks in my network and it shows eerie similarities to my earlier experience with hiring and recruitment processes in larger companies.

I almost didn't believe what I heard, I thought we were through with these already.

The finding of my supply chain forensics work is that:

1. Companies still don't bother doing the work to establish proper supply chain organisations (including R&Rs, JDs, leveling, incentive structure etc.), or it is only existing on paper / in the system.

2. When they need to hire someone to the supply chain team (or teams), they lazily copy the last (more complex) job description from one level up and use that for the whole hiring process one level down (some are even opportunistic here, which is even worse) and this is still true, even if they have a theoretical organisational setup in place (again, even worse).

Guess, what the outcome is?

😡 conflict between roles & role holders (=conflict)

😩 early disappointment of new hires (=disappointment)

😵 lack of clarity of tasks & expectations (=frustration)

😤 disengagement & attrition of talent (=disengagement)

Why would talented supply chainers be happy in a role if the leadership didn't put the effort in to define what they truly need as organisation?

Many times these stem from not knowing what we have in the first place, many times it is the perceived lack of time, which backfires in multitude of ways, other times, this is a fruit of a not well thought through expansion or development of the business.

What do these (conflict, disappointment, frustration, disengagement) all translate into?

Loss of time, money, internal knowledge, collaboration, efficiency in all of the roles related (which will be many in supply chains)....which results in loss of resiliency of your supply chain.

Why would you score an OG (own goal), if you can score a real one?

So, dear leaders, please prioritise what is really important at the end of the day: your organisation and consistency.

As one of my favourite leadership quotes says: "When you meet the challenge, the score will take care of itself." - from Bill Walsh.

If one reads the book, the prerequisite for this will be clear: taking care of your organisation. 🤓

💡 So do it, and do it now....then repeat consistently.

If you don't find the time for it, that's the sign to ask for help - give me a call!

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