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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

As of today, I decided I'll start counting the times I see micromanagement behaviour from leaders and call them out more radically.

So far I resorted to coaching, or as part of the mentoring I did, but it is rampant in every industry I work with.

Once again, my latest poll speaks for itself:

57% says they could do better

14% works on the gaps

This goes against 29% saying they really truly figured it out.

71% vs 29% - the data speaks for itself - thanks to everyone who honestly contributed

Every week I have at least 1 senior expert in my network telling me they quit (this week, I had again 4 from different companies) because they cannot cope with micromanagement from leadership, specifically in areas, where the leadership has zero competence and they should let their management do the lifting and trust them.

Once again:

Why are you hiring competent, senior professionals, if you want to tell them what to do?

Are you sure, it is the "market", the lack of professionals etc-etc...and not you?

You lose:

1. your own time, which you should spend on actually commanding your ship and setting the correct strategies (if you micromanage, you don't have time to actually do what you should, let alone letting others do what they should)

2. your experts, as they will leave (with this, once again precious time and money in hiring again & again, loss of expertise as it will erode continuously)

3. your business, as it will fall apart (it is not even conditional, it is a given)

Sounds harsh? It is and so is your loss of business in the end. Let it go, now.

You are welcome!

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