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Simple thoughts on daily life - 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Simple thoughts on daily life:

Only this morning, I came across at least 6 articles that were discussing and detailing how different groups of companies, people and governments take advantage of

1. un-enforced environmental legislation 🤐

2. greenwashing options 🤢

3. lack of awareness in the wider communities 😕

and with all these, raking in millions of dollars.

Some of these not even posing as benevolent organisations, but simply just do whatever they want and take the first short-cuts OR actually do quite a lot to convince everyone around that what they do is alright....many of them secure funding and so on.

Now, what is common in these activities?

The business common denominator is that all these require effort and money, loads of them.

The environmental common denominator is simply that the waste we generated and tried to show under the carpet via these actions, return at other places or return from the other end of our backyard.

The conundrum comes with many in leadership and/or governing positions screaming loud about how expensive this transition to sustainability is (or would be).

Here comes the catch of today:

How about spending the same amount of effort and money on finding or just implementing solutions that are truly sustainable and truly work??

When you want to write back to me in the comments: "of course, silly, they are only thinking of profit"....remember this: there is no profit on a planet where we would suffocate ourselves in our own waste.

So once again, how about dampening our profit expectations and see if we can re-install our spine as human beings?

Where is civic agency to change communities, enforce legislation and increase awareness?

The bottom line is, we all need to do whatever we can to change in mindset from the ground up, as that "frog is still very much cooking in the pot".

I'm happy to see these investigative articles and usually share them into my network to increase awareness and understanding, but I'd like to see less of these and more of those where real change happens at scale.

At the same time, we need to move much quicker on enforcing legislation that actually hurts for those companies and NGOs which just waste time, effort and money.

What exactly are we waiting for?

Someone else to apply common sense, or what?

By now we know exactly the main pain areas, where we must come up with solutions.


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