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Simple thoughts on daily life - 2

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Simple thoughts on daily life:

In this most recent heat-wave, I hope some didn't forget the most efficient, environmentally friendly, personal air conditioning system that exists!

This one I bought a long time ago and it still functions (see picture).

Lately we have had 35-38 Celsius degrees where I live and we thankfully don't have AC installed, so this is the support that helps me get the work done beyond rolling down the shades.

I feel very lucky that we still have areas here where train windows can be rolled down completely (yes, old-school, I know 😊 ) instead of a closed box with an ice-cold AC and many buildings don't feature an AC here.

What still strikes me every time a heat-wave comes are these:

1. Despite all health-care recommendations that ACs should not be set lower than 5 Celsius degree difference from the outside temperature, I see many places where there is no reason to set them to 18-20 C degrees, but these are still set very low while it is 30+ C degrees outside. This is not only not environmentally-friendly, but it is a huge health concern. I've seen enough people fainting due to the huge difference when they came out of air conditioned places.

2. We know how much energy these systems are using and how non-sustainable they are. Why can't we sensibly limit their use, where it is not a real need, but only a convenience factor (who's convenience btw)?

We have these temperatures for a reason, they will rise further and turning the ACs even lower than before is not going to solve the problem of heat-waves anywhere.

I believe we have good solutions to counteract the hot weather, which consume much less energy and at the same time keeps temperatures at bay (trees and building insulation - just to name 2 basic examples and I'm sure engineers could give me another few).

I'm not claiming that I do what's right or I know all the answers, but not even questioning the level and amount of AC use is mindbogglingly short-sighted, given that we simply cannot deny that the temperatures we are having aren't the same climate as we had for long before.

Why is it that we reject simple, available solutions and look for "solutions" that aren't even remotely viable at this stage?

The question was theoretical and for thought-inducing only....happy heat-wave folks!

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