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The "workers" vs "corporations" game is now played by giving ultimatums

The "workers" vs "corporations" game is now played by giving the headlines put it.

If we really, honestly looked into what employees are saying with such requirements, it would become clear that this negotiation for "benefits" has nothing to do with money.

It has everything to do with:

1. adding real value instead of measuring time spent

2. paying fair for the value delivered

3. leading a real discussion on what constitutes value on both sides (what should actually constitute an employment contract in reality!)

So, instead of labelling these as "thug of war" or seeing who will "win" the RTO game, let's see this for what it is.

Finally, many people woke up and started really thinking about their welfare, not just about how much they make.

This would be an important pillar towards regenerating our Planet to live....where people realise that money to be made (beyond proper living expenses!!) isn't everything and it is definitely not wellbeing.

At the same time, corporations seem to remain tone deaf, as they don't see the value that this change can bring them...frankly speaking, they have no true idea how to measure value if it isn't "time for money".

I see this every day in supply chain organisations. Instead of properly thinking through, how the team members could work well with each other and under what conditions, the simple ultimatum is "get back in line or you'll lose your job". It is also visible in the job adverts.

At the same time, mental health of supply chain professionals really suffered in the last years and continue to decline.

If you'd like to see the value and have a proper setup for your supply chain teams, reach out!

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