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How we help you harvest the strategic value of your supply chains

Supply chain strategy

Whichever supply chain setup you work with, the key to unite all your teams and deliver tangible results is having a well understood functional strategy in place, aligned with your overall business strategy. 

Zsofia's experience in building and implementing strategies based on a systemic view over the entire network and her ability to translate these into executable implementation steps, can help you to build new value chains from scratch or to course correct your existing setup.


Supply chain assessment & improvement

From short audits to more in-depth assessments and improvement projects, Zsofia brings her hands on, deep sub-functional expertise which enables her to lift these up to strategic/tactical levels and ensure that the solution is the corresponding one based on your business situation and needs.


Supply chain sustainability

Sustainability needs to be everyone's "job" in every supply chain & operations teams. Zsofia combines her supply chain and sustainability expertise to embed the people & planet aspects into your daily supply chain life. From including sustainability into your strategy to executing LCAs (life-cycle assessments) and risk & compliance audits, her laser focused auditing competencies and her resourceful approach to finding solutions will help you set realistic goals and reach these.


Supply chain for business counterparts

Zsofia designed this service line with the counterparts of supply chain in mind. Supply chain itself can be complex, can be jargon ridden and thus not so easy to decode if you work in commercial, finance, marketing or regulatory, QA departments.

These tailored learning sessions can help your teams to understand each other better and lead a much more fruitful conversation. 


M&A due diligence & post merger integration

If you aim to buy or sell a business, there will be aspects of operations & supply chain that need to be assessed well to ensure you get the value for your money (or can sell for a fair price).

Zsofia successfully executed multiple DD and post merger integration projects, where her expertise made a difference for her client from both monetary and operating performance improvement perspectives.


Ad Interim Leadership Services

Zsofia's track record in building high performing teams under a short period of time made her a go-to person when it comes to sudden gaps in operations & supply chain leadership teams & competencies.

Dependent on company size, she successfully filled these gaps and improved performance in diverse roles (from a.i. COO to a.i. Head of SCM). Although she works with her proven methods, her approach always starts with situational analysis to find the best fitting solution to the problem(s) at hand.

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